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msonherown's Journal

27 July

Me in high school.

"Miss independent
Miss self-sufficient
Miss keep your distance, no
Miss on her own
Miss almost grown" -- Miss Independant by Kelly Clarkson

I just turned 21!! Now the most important years of my life start so I want to write down every second of them!

I live in Iowa, the most boring state I've ever been to. When I finally get a job and move out of here I'm going somewhere exciting. I have two cats (Nik and Lulu) and a parrot named Peyton. My 14 yr old sister, Laura, is annoying but unavoidable until I move out of here.

I LOVE SOAP OPERAS! I started watching them just two years ago and boy do I wish I'd started earlier!

Matt Damon and I are going to get married. He just doesn't know it yet. :)